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About us

We are a new kind of strategic advisory firm. Our killer combination is deep analytical rigour, bold creative leaps and the resourcefulness of a start-up.

We work at the intersection of the management consulting and agency worlds – of ‘left and right’ brain. We help to transform businesses, brands, people and products with our Wholebrain approach.


The Problems we Solve

How can we make our culture more entrepreneurial to unlock growth?
- Global Food Business

How do we make the most of an M&A without losing the value in the brand we’re acquiring?
- US Bank

How do we grow our share of market by solving a wellbeing need rather than just selling in individual categories?
- UK Retail

How do we evolve our digital product for a hard-to-reach market?
- Global Healthcare

How do we transform our marketing and content operations to exploit new technology and analytics?
- US Bank

How do we evolve our purpose to make our story and CX relevant for a new generation?
- UK Film Industry



At Grey Consulting, we have developed a pioneering approach to solving problems, thinking strategically and providing better answers.  It’s called Wholebrain.

It begins with the types of people we hire, as a full range of thinking styles and approaches is proven to solve complex problems faster. We collaborate with inventors at Makerversity, and a host of luminaries from the worlds of economics, technology, creative thinking and practical design.

Wholebrain puts “left brain” and “right brain” thinking on an equal footing and unlocks new, more inventive and inclusive thinking.

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